Climbing wall association

What is a climbing wall? How can they be safe in a pandemic?

Virologist statement
Dr Pat Fidopiastis

"Climbing gyms have unique properties that allow them to operate safely."


Everything you need to know in a quick one page document.

CU Study on LIquid Chalk

After five minutes of contact time, the Secret Stuff eliminated recoverable virus – performing just as well as the disinfectant.

position letter to the CA Gov't

We want our own category: 25% open in purple and more as the tiers go to yellow.


Contains summary of their concerns and our response, along with resource.


Follow up to their nonresponse after our meeting.

SUGGESTED COVID-19 Industry Guidelines

Follow up to their nonresponse after our meeting.

Virologist statement
Dr Pat Fidopiastis

"I fully support CICC’s proposal to safely open indoor climbing gyms outlined in their document, “COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Indoor Rock Climbing Facilities.”"

Virologist statement

DR A Marm Kilpatrick

"Climbing centers have many characteristics that reduce the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and make them safer than most other fitness gyms."

Virologist statement

Dr Susan HUANG

"Solo sports such as rock climbing enable a safe alternative to group sports and should be allowed to increase availability as an important exercise avenue during this time."

Virologist statement

Dr Michael Lin

"I believe that the opening of California climbing gyms in a limited capacity with appropriate safety measures presents a minimal risk to public health."

Virologist statement

Dr Thomas Lee

"In my professional opinion, from what I have witnessed and experienced in gyms that have

managed to stay open during the Covid-19 crisis, indoor climbing can safely be conducted in a manner that minimizes the risk of spreading Covid-19.."

UK Study on Chalk

Results showed that within just one minute of the virus coming into contact with the chalk, the number of infectious particles in all of the samples was reduced by more than 99%.  

USA Climbing

Defines climbing as a sport and not entertainment.


See an example video put together by SenderOne showing pandemic protocols.

Letter of support from CA Outdoor Recreation Partnership

Equity is important: "As most Californians do not have access to outdoor rock climbing near their homes, we need the support of rock climbing gyms to make that access possible."

VIROLOGIst statement DR SUSan Huang

"I am writing to advocate for increasing climbing gym capacity within the Blueprint for a Safer Economy tiers."