CICC winds up activities without a clear win

March 17, 2021

Most of California has moved to red tier today and it's our greatest pleasure to watch the reopening announcements coming through. California's Public Health Department accelerated "red" opening with additional vaccine metrics and many of us are on track to move through the tiers to a profitable capacity in weeks to months.

While we do not want to wait weeks or months to achieve profitability, we do not believe our efforts will be rewarded with better opening numbers. Our lobbyist followed up and was given a cold, canned response. We believe they're choosing to focus on other things and let vaccinations and cases dropping move us along naturally. That means that we will no longer be working with a lobbyist past this month.

Alice Kao and Kristin Horowitz are still working on press on our issue, with Horowitz working with Small Business Majority to secure aid for our climbing centers, many of whom are not receiving the grants provided by the state of California to hard-hit businesses.

The win, of course, is that we now know one another and can reach out for support, commiseration, and anything else that happens going forward. We're grateful that Climbing Wall Association heard the call to bringing the gyms across the country together, because that precipitated Kao and Horowitz bringing all of us together, too.

We're waiting on official paperwork to make us an official nonprofit business league (coalition), and once we hit that, we'll be formalizing the board and though we expect to go mostly dormant for the meantime.

Final personal note from Horowitz: this opened my eyes much wider than they had been and I do want to say that this will not be the only battle like this as we go forward. We now know how our government responds to emergencies and problems and I hope all of you find ways to look out for yourself and your community and bolster against this in the future. I know, I personally, will not be leaving this political ring after seeing it and plan on being highly involved moving forward. I don't take being told to sit down and shut up by the government and I'm not going to let it happen to anyone again on my watch if I can.

Be well, and thank you.