Statement on Businesses Operating in Defiance of State Orders

If you have spent time here reading our case, you'll see that it's a strong one. Expert doctors, virologists, and the climbing center operators themselves all feel confident that indoor climbing can persist and even thrive through this pandemic, but that we have been accidentally caused more hardship than is due to us being a smaller industry that's overlooked.

Our members and visitors agree with this, as well, which is why they continue to patronize us when were are open. Even when open, most of us are seeing about 40% of revenue from where we were prior, due to restrictions of occupancy as well as consumer confidence.

We know that, in the face of this and renewed orders demanding closure of our facilities with no aid in sight, it is tempting to remain open, and some locations have made that choice.

The CICC recognizes that individual organizations are heavily weighing the cost of closure vs the cost of remaining open, and those that have chosen to defy orders are demonstrating care while they continue to follow recommended protocols put out by state, local, and national authorities.

No matter the choice, the California Indoor Climbing Coalition stands together in hopes that the California Public Health Department, California Governance, and all aid packages coming out find a way to sustain us through the end of this pandemic.