California Fitness Alliance lawsuit thrown out

We read today that the California Fitness Alliance (CFA) lawsuit filed representing fitness centers statewide was thrown out.

The rejection by the court outlined the following concerns:

  • When an infectious individual in a setting such as a fitness center unwittingly spreads the COVID-19 virus, numerous individuals may be infected and these individuals in turn may infect members of their households and other individuals whom they meet.
  • Gyms and fitness centers are a particularly high- risk setting for the coronavirus to pass to others through aerosolized droplets

Indoor climbing centers remain an exemption to these concerns for the following reasons:

  • Users of indoor climbing centers come with the party they are climbing with (or meet them there) and do not disperse. That group remains the same every time someone comes to the center because the culture is centered around developing "climbing partners."
  • Indoor climbers naturally maintain a distance of six feet or more from one another to allow freedom of movement and reduce pressure while climbing.
  • We have suspended group fitness options in favor of focusing our energy on indoor climbing.
  • Indoor climbing is not aerobic and heavy breathing is not a feature of the experience.
  • Climbing with masks is effective and studies have proven that chalk contact neutralizes the virus - which means that we are at low risk for passing to others through aerosolized droplets as chalk is used prior to climbing and left behind on surfaces and when it is suspended in the air.