CICC meets with CA State Public Health

On Tuesday, November 5th, representatives from KP Associates and CICC met with state public health admin to present our case to their office.

The meeting was the result of strong buy in from the head of Go Biz (California's Business Development organization), Chris Dombrowski, who has been impressed with CICC's package and requests and suggested we seek buy in from public health.

While nothing direct came out of the meeting right away (and nothing was expected), the representatives were engaged and requested more information in some telling ways.

CICC members Kristin Horowitz (of Ascent Ventures/The Pad Climbing), Alice Kao (of Sender One) and Jeffrey Bowling (of Touchstone) worked together to present the case that climbers were already working within a lot of the culture public health was seeking individuals to adopt - safety orientation, safety and distance respect, and support of masks. During discussions, Bowling touched on a strong argument that indoor climbing was more like the experience of an indoor shopping mall or flea market rather than a fitness facility, and that concept took hold fairly well.

It is our hope that the next steps include discussion with Go Biz about easing restrictions and adopting specific guidelines to our industry - while offering a tour of a Sacramento location for the policy makers to truly get an idea behind it.

Any action that results from Thursday's meeting may not take foot for a bit, advised KP Associates reps, but that doesn't stop Kao and Horowitz from rallying the coalition and pushing for more and faster.

Kao noted, "There are centers in California that are looking at imminent closure as their numbers go up, my heart is with them. We're going to fight for them."